¡Revancha! - Raquel Bonita

Revancha - Foto1 - Raquel Bonita

Revancha - Foto2 - Raquel Bonita

Revancha - Foto3 - Raquel Bonita

Revancha - Foto4 - Raquel Bonita

What do critics say about the book?

“[…] The artist and storyteller Raquel Bonita has created an irreverent story that reflects a delicate moment through it’s possible every child has ever passed. Using a luminous technique based on highlighter inks and crayon drawing, the illustrator achieves the ideal environment and setting to capture her original proposal that redeems all the generations that have lived in the first person the fact that serves as leit motiv of the book.”
Canal Lector.

Revancha - Raquel Bonita - Crítica en El País

Revancha - Raquel Bonita - Crítica en El Ideal de Granada

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