• Pre reader Book
  • Text + illustration + design
  • Looking for publisher 
  • 2017
  • Handprinting
  • Foreign rights available

Pipin Portada - Ilu1 - Raquel Bonita

Pipin - Ilu3 - Raquel Bonita

Pipin - Ilu2 - Raquel Bonita

Pipin is a pre readers book who’s narration is based on the game with the flaps. The story is about a little turtle. He gets tired of wear nappies so he decides to stop wearing them. But he has to learn how to identify when he has to go to the potty. At the beginning, although he has to go to the toilet, he waits, plays, paints, etc. so at the end he never arrives on time to the toilet. In each step he leaves one of the activities so he is geting closer more and more to arrive on time. But only when he goes straight to the toilet (without anyother distraction) is when finally he arrives on time.

I wanted to build an independent character who solve the problems by himself (2-3 years-old children begins to be aware about the things that they can do by theirselves). I like to show that to make mistakes is not bad. On the contrary, mistakes are part of our learning.

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