Moussa sueña

Moussa sueña - María Bautista y Raquel Bonita

Moussa Sueña - Foto3 - Raquel Bonita

Moussa Sueña - Foto4 - Raquel Bonita

Moussa Sueña - Foto1 - Raquel Bonita

Moussa sueña - Foto2 - Raquel Bonita


Moussa Sueña - Ilu1 - Raquel Bonita

Moussa Sueña - Ilu3 - Raquel Bonita

What do critics say about the book?

“[…] Her lines have always fascinated me. And not only me, but also my children. As I supposed, she has done an excepcional job creating a narrative coherence with powerful illustrations […]
[…] This book makes us to think about childhood and the limits and obligations that we impose on it. These limits prevent the free development of each child during that unique moment in their lives in which they build their own identity. At the end we are slaves of a systemic order that does not focus on the individual. An order only concerned about that people are useful for the own system.
This makes me define this picture book as a must, a testimonial piece of our time, of the human condition and of the needs that we have to solve to feel fullfilled.
Laura Richichi – La cuentería respetuosa.

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