El Corderín Azul

El corderín azul - Foto 01 - Raquel Blázquez

  • El corderín azul - Ilustración 01 - Raquel Blázquez
  • El corderín azul - Ilustración 02 - Raquel Blázquez
  • El corderín azul - Ilustración 03 - Raquel Blázquez
  • El corderín azul - Ilustración 04 - Raquel Blázquez

What the writer said about the illustrations

Aurora G. Rivas – Writer of “El Corderín Azul”
El corderín azul - Foto 02 - Raquel Blázquez
  • Picture book
  • Illustration
  • Editorial Pintar-Pintar
  • 2012
  • watercolour + collage

A little blue lamb? That’s weird! Why is blue this lamb? At first everyone looked at this little lamb through different eyes. Even his mother tries to wash and wash the little lamb, but he still blue. And though at first, the color of this corderín seems a problem, soon everyone will realize that we all have something unique and not by being different we are worse.

Imagine what would happen if one day the rain stopped and neither people nor animals nor plants could drink water. In this context a sheep gave birth to a little blue lamb that will give us all a lesson. A sweet story full of poetry and metaphor.

I worked the idea of the opposition between the dry landscape and the rainy scenary with the color. The watercolor started in intense orange tones and as the story progress they turn into blues and violets. The colors helps to complement a poetic environment, they complete the metaphor.

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