Finalist in the BIBF Ananas Internationl Illustration Exhibition Book Festival. Beijing. China. 2020 Picture book Text + Ilustration bookolia  2021 Handprinting + Digital Spanish rights sold There are dull, boring, tedious, tiresome, sleep-inducing, interminable, frustrating, horribly humdrum days... or maybe not? The most boring day for you, can be the most exciting adventure for somebody else. Because there is no ...
rblazquezfTerriblemente aburrida
Winner of the International Illustrators Exhibiton for the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Italy. 2021 Finalist in the Illustration Exhibition of the 11th International Illustration Meeting of S. João da Madeira. Portugal. 2018 Accordion book Text + Illustration The Secret Mountain Coming soon. 2022 Handprinting + Digital English & French rights sold Mrs Evarista is a little lizard with a big ...
rblazquezfMrs Evarista’s Orchestra
Grafismo creativo - Ilustraciones Raquel Bonita
Educational book Ilustration Edelvives  2021 Digital Edelvives contacted me to illustrate one of the new educational books created by Raúl Bermejo: Grafismo Creativo. It was a very funny project. I enjoyed a lot each spread of the book. The vector styles fits perfectly with the mood of the book.
rblazquezfGrafismo creativo | Infantil
Tous sauf une
Special Mention. Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition in the Shanghai Internacional Children’s Book Fair. China, 2018 Finalist. Nami Concours in the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in Seoul. South Korea, 2018 Finalist. Illustrator’s Exhibition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival. UAE, 202 Picture Book Text + Illustration Balivernes Éditions 2021 Digital French & English rights sold This is the ...
rblazquezfTous sauf Une
I'll believe you when - Pigs - Raquel Bonita
Picture Book Illustration Lantana Publishing 2020 Handprinting + Digital English rights sold You've probably heard the expression “when pigs fly," but did you know that in Spain they say “when frogs grow hair" and in Nigeria “when chickens have teeth"? This book is a rib-tickling collection of idioms from around the world. But the question is: will you believe them...? ...
rblazquezfI’ll believe you when…
Illustration China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair - CCBF   2019 Digital After receiving Special Mention at the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrator Competition in 2018, the organizing committee of the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair selected me to develop the key visual for the 2019 edition. About the idea for the key visual, I thought that three curious little tigers ...
rblazquezfShanghai International Children’s Book Fair – Key Visual
Terremoto - Ilustraciones - Raquel Bonita
Selected for the Sharjah Exhibition of Illustration – United Arab Emirates, 2019 Picture Book Illustration Ediciones Jaguar  2019 Handprinting + Digital Spanish rights sold ¡Terremoto! It is a story about support, solidarity and friendship. About collaboration without asking anything in return. When the fox loses his house, all the animals in the forest help him build a new home. This ...
Detalle Cartel Vespa Asturias 2020
Illustration + layout Club Vespa de Asturias 2016-2019 Digital Since 2016, Vespa Club of Asturias challenges me to design the poster image of their Desafío Lagos de Covadonga. Here you can see the last poster and t-shirts.
rblazquezfDesafío Lagos de Covadonga

Every year Editorial San Pablo calls a stories contest for children. The winners of this prize publish their tales in a book. In 2018 the title of the book was “My tales for you” and I was very lucky because I had to illustrate the tale of the youngest winner. The story of Adriana Lázaro Sebastián was a challenge for …

rblazquezfEl color de las nubes
Educational book Ilustration Grupo Editorial Bruño  2017 Digital
rblazquezfDon Quijote de La Mancha | Infantil
Religion - Infantil - Raquel Bonita
Educational book Illustration Grupo Editorial Bruño  2017 Digital
rblazquezfReligión | Infantil
Illustration + layout Fundación FEAFES 2014 Digital Mental Health Spain Confederation (FEAFES) contacted me to request the campaign image for the World Mental Health Day. The claim of the conference was "Opening minds. Closing stigmas" whose main key insight was to raise awareness to eliminate the prejudices that society has towards people with mental illness, with the objective of normalize ...
rblazquezfdía mundial de la salud mental 2014
Decalogo de cuidado para mascostas - LEGO


rblazquezfdecálogo de cuidado de mascotas
Decálogo de cuidado para mascotas para Lego por Raquel Bonita
  • Decálogo de cuidado de mascotas de LEGO - Boceto - Raquel Bonita
  • Ilustracion 1 - Decálogo de cuidado para mascotas de LEGO por Raquel Bonita
  • Ilustracion 2 - Decálogo de cuidado para mascotas de LEGO por Raquel Bonita
  • Ilustracion 3 - Decálogo de cuidado para mascotas de LEGO por Raquel Bonita


  • Illustration + layout
  • Netthink Isobar
  • Lego – Duplo
  • 2013
  • colour pencil

Netthink Isobar agency requests a layout and illustrations for Lego-Duplo’s invitation to their Christmas event. The invitation consisted of a pet care’s decalogue. Since the proyect of the last year was successful, I decided to keep technique and style and I was right. This was the result. The client was very satisfied again.